Turtles all the way down – John Green

  • He wasn’t thinking of anything but himself and Katherine and the piece of his gut that held misplaced- but there was no denying her smile. That smile could end wars and cure cancer.
  • He felt himself drifting away from the one-sided whispered conversation, wondering if maybe everything big and heartbreaking and incomprehensible is a paradox.
  • Sticks and stones mat break my bones, but words will never hurt me. What a dirty lie.
  • Keys show up when you reconcile yourself to the bus; Katherine appears when you start to disbelieve the world contains another Katherine.
  • This ,”I said, and turned on the flashlight. This is control. This Is power.” This ,”I said,  turning off my flashlight. This is what I feel when I am scared.”
  • “ She doesn’t remind me of the past, for some reason, she feels present tense.” Because you can’t let the light catch up with the present otherwise you’d forget.”
  • “What’s past is prologue.”
  • “We still have the best and the worst of it in front of us.”
  • “I hope not, “he said. “ I sure as hell hope the worst is behind me.”